November 09, 2010

Your the straw to my berry ♥

November 8, 2010

Muhammad Afrudy Jalaluddin.

Thank you for healing my blooms.

Thank you for completing my every day.

I love you.

I may not be the prettiest girl you ever have. And not the cutest girl you really own. I may not use these hot stuffs and wears a mini skirt. I may not be the girl who always give perfect. Three things you must take note ;
- I never play with heart
- I always try to give my best and
- I love deeply..

4 ulasan:

afrudy jalaluddin berkata...

i love you tu ape bubu?

Lulu Zulkifli berkata...

i love you tu mcm emmm -.- bukak kamus awak lah b. buu pun tak faham apa tu i love you. buu cakap je :)

afrudy jalaluddin berkata...

kihkih xnak ngalah juga ea syg aku ni

Lulu Zulkifli berkata...

mestiiiii :)