Oktober 06, 2010

Is life too hectic to enjoy fully?

The reasons are obvious. Look at an ordinary schoolboy from an average home in a city. He has to go to school. After spending five hours in school everyday he has to have an extra class, swimming lessons and various other activities so that he can learn as many things as possible. Finally when he got home, he has to have a bath, have his dinner and if he is lucky, get to watch TV for awhile. Then its back to the grind - finishing his homework. Come weekend, there will be picnics, parties and etc. In short, the poor kid has no time to relax. Whether purposefully or not, he is being pushed all the time.

Even holidays are hectic. What does a tourist get from such a tour except for a fatigue body and a scrambled mind? The only consolation is that he can tell his buddies at work that he has visited the USA or Tahiti. Has he?

Such hectic living is not for me. I prefer a slower pace of life where I can savor each moment as much as possible. It is crazy to rush and not see so many things around us. Maybe we can learn something from William Henry Davies immortal lines :
           What is this life if full of care,
           we have no time to stand and stare?

2 ulasan:

- koroe - berkata...

nobody actually enjoying his/her life.haha..life sucks honey

Lulu Zulkifli berkata...

haha. yeah you're right.